New Essential Oil and vegetal extracts for preventing cognitive decline

Ce que vous recherchez:
We are looking :

- for partners with access to the market (food partners ready to use AT00X as a fonctional ingredient).

- for partners with interest in incorporating an innovative and intelligent Essential Oil diffuser.

Ce que vous proposez:
Our company is specialized in vegetal extracts optimization for health purposes (neurodegenerative diseases, memory loss for ageing, cancer diseases). We propose active recipes issued from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). We also work on Essential Oil blends for therapeutic purposes ( and preventing insomnia, anxiety, depression and memory losses.

We have developed a patented Technology including a RFID tag incorporated in a EO (Essential Oil) cap. The caps are inserted into the AromaCare, a wifi diffuser able to regulate flow of lavender, rosemary oils or vanilla extracts.

Thématiques H2020:
  • Santé, évolution démographique et bien-être


mr Dr Laurent MOY

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